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“Candy Campbell traces the pattern of Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain for authenticity and historical gravitas leavened with a sparkling wit…”

~ Bill Buchanan, Lodestar Enterprises

             Like all successful Chautauqua scholars, Candy is incredibly knowledgeable about her character. What sets her apart is her background in theater and education. She has a stage presence that makes her character come alive in a way most Chautauqua style performances don’t.  It was more than a monologue, it was a story of Florence Nightingale’s calling to become a nurse, her struggles to become a nurse, and her triumphs in the field of nursing seamlessly woven together …

Candy’s use of voices, humor, music, and full stage movement provided a truly captivating and authentic performance…Her depiction of Nightingale to make connections between Florence Nightingale’s time and our current healthcare system that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, and as a result, her performance was more relevant than most.  We would highly recommend Candy Campbell to any organization looking to engage lovers of history and honor nurses in their community.


~Sarah Schaefer, Director of Education, Museum on Main, Pleasanton, CA.”

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Images here are just a sample of the many letters of recommendation for Florence Nightingale: The Reluctant Celebrity

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To Whom It May Concern:

During the pandemic, Sutter Health wanted to give back to our nurses.

From an organizer's perspective, the challenge included travel restrictions and safety concerns for our speakers.

Dr. Candy Campbell appeared virtually as none other than Miss Florence Nightingale and delighted our attendees with her performance.

We highly recommend her to any Nursing Conference!

~ Surani Hayre-Kwan,

Director, Professional Practice and Nursing Excellence,

Sutter Health System 

​I am absolutely awestruck after watching Dr. Campbell perform as Florence Nightingale. She brings her character to life with heart, humor and wisdom. It is truly sensational. She has mastered the art of audience engagement in a form rarely seen. See her if you can! Simply unforgettable.

~ Rebecca Pierce Murray, Multimedia Producer

​What a wonderful way to celebrate Nurses’ Week 2022 by watching Dr. Candace Campbell portray Florence Nightingale! Her ability to take her audience back in time was amazing. Often times history can be boring, but Dr. Candace Campbell made the journey back in time interesting and funny. I am so thankful I was able to attend her awesome portrayal of Florence Nightingale as it was the highlight of my Nurses’ Week!


~ Teresa Hess, RN Case Manager, Disease Management Specialist at Parkview Health

We’ve never seen a better one-person performance. Now there are some comedians such as Colin Quinn, Martin Short, Steven Wright, Jerry Seinfeld whom I’ve seen do hour long stand up shows that are also amazing. Hal Holbrook was pretty good in his Mark Twain. But for dramatic presentation, with humorous touches, Candy really has the great act. Florence Nightingale was, up until now, not a subject of particular interest to me. Just some historical figure. Well, no more! Now’s she someone I’m thrilled to have met! Candy’s performance as Florence was so entertaining, so theatrically finessed, that learning the actually fascinating history was simply an unavoidable side-effect. The framing device of the Archangel Michael time-transporting her to our day, the first person narrative shifting to three-way dialogs of Florence and her mother and father, or retorts from the Army surgeon, or, twirling on stage, remembering her teenage calling to become a nurse against the convention of her privileged family, an occasional song fragment at which Ms. Campbell is amazingly gifted, all of this conveyed a whole life in the liveliest of ways. This was a spectacular performance. We’d like to see Candy LIVE, maybe on tour, or preferably on Broadway!

~Ken Hantman Co Founder at R3Results.”

Eager testimonial reviews say Chautauqua scholar, Candy Campbell, presents a spectacular historical and contemporary view of Florence Nightingale in her one-person show. Fans envision the show on tour and on Broadway!

Attendees say Nightingale historian, Dr. Candy Campbell, presents a spectacular historical and contemporary view of Florence Nightingale in her one-person show. CLICK on the image to see VIDEO, as fans envision the show on Broadway!

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