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Florence Nightingale:
The Reluctant Celebrity
Photo of Candy as Florence Nightingale on the read carpet at off-Broadway opening of the show March, 2023

Welcome to the world of Victorian England, where women were considered possessions and had no right to obtain higher education, own land, have a bank account, or vote.

Pushing back against the status quo, Nightingale was a visionary statistician and social reformer, researcher, author, adventurer, nurse, and population health advocate who, when she returned from the Crimean War (and for the next 50 years), used her celebrity status to influence health policy---on four continents --- as a semi-invalid!


Join Miss Nightingale, as she shows you a new way to think about healthcare — from the way you thought it was, to the way it may become.

This character portrayal, by Dr. Candy Campbell and customized for your group, provides a delightful presentation of thought-provoking, fun, and poignant exploration of our current state of health, based on Nightingale’s writings.

She’s witty, she’s wise, and audiences think she’s wonderful.


What’s more, Miss Nightingale has an important call to action for you!

Would it make sense to bring Miss Nightingale to your next event?


She is able to grace your stage in-person, via live stream, or through pre-recorded media.

  Off -Broadway Debut,  March 2023

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Award-winning actor and author, Dr. Candy Campbell, brings Florence Nightingale to life in the 21st century!


You may ask: Why would anyone care about a woman who’s been dead more than 100 years?

 For one, Florence Nightingale is consistently included in lists of the top 100 most influential women --- in history!

 But why?

Aside from creating an actual profession out of caring for the sick, i.e., the nursing profession,

she was what some call the poster child for women rights and disadvantaged people, long before it was fashionable.


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