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Candy as FN onstage during QA
  • In which formats is Miss Nightingale  available?

The show is available in person, live-streamed, and as a video recording. All presentations include extemporaneous audience QA with Miss Nightingale…and a reveal and follow-up as Candy Campbell. (Pre-recorded video includes selected questions.)

  • What is the presentation running time?

The public performances run 60-90 minutes, depending upon number of audience QA. For association / private performances, in person or live-streamed presentations are customized to your theme and can run up to 90 minutes.

  • Is the show suitable for young audiences? If so, do you have a study guide for teachers?

YES and YES! Children ages 7 and up have thoroughly enjoyed this show. Educational performances can be arranged.

  • Will Ms. Campbell do a book-signing?

Candy will gladly do a book-signing, as herself, with your pre-purchased copies of Channeling Florence Nightingale: Integrity, Insight, Innovation. (No book-signings in costume.)


  • What are your staging and prop requirements?

Happily, Miss Nightingale learned long ago to travel light! Candy, also, has presented the show in various venues. You will provide: a small round table, 1 high-backed chair, an ottoman or footstool, a glass of (flat) water on the table, and a small basket. See your contract agreement under Tech Rider for more details.


  • How can a presenter hire Candy Campbell as Florence Nightingale?

Please go to CONTACT page or CALL 202-519-1311

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