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Candy Campbell is an award-winning actor, author, and filmmaker. Professionally trained as an actor and dialectician, Candy has been a proud SAG-AFTRA member for many years. She has performed on stage, screen, TV, commercials, and voice-overs and co-founded an improv and stand-up comedy troupe in the San Francisco Bay area (see downloadable Acting resume). As an educator, she began teaching applied improvisational exercises from the arts to business teams in 1995, then developed her first two solo shows, which garnered rave reviews in the San Francisco area.

Campbell’s third solo show, An Evening With Florence Nightingale: The Reluctant Celebrity, an internationally acclaimed program, is based on Nightingale’s 200 books and articles and numerous letters extant.

Her book, Channeling Florence Nightingale: Integrity, Insight, Innovation, expands the Nightingale history and adds the story of Nightingale’s influence on the author’s personal and professional life.

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"Candy Campbell traces the pattern of Hal Holbrook’s Mark Twain for authenticity and historical gravitas leavened with a sparkling wit…”

 - Bill Buchanan, CEO, Lodestar Enterprises, San Francisco, CA

“Candy’s use of voices, humor, music, and full stage movement provided a truly captivating and authentic performance…Her depiction of Nightingale to make connections between Florence Nightingale’s time and our current healthcare system that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, and as a result, her performance was more relevant than most.  We would highly recommend Candy Campbell to any organization looking to engage lovers of history and honor nurses in their community.”

 - Sarah Schaefer, Director, Museum on Main, Pleasanton, CA   

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